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Our current series is “Questions Jesus Asked”!!


また、ウェンズディナイトチャーチの前には無料で語学交流ができるLanguage Exchangeをやっています!

6:30PM- Language Exchange!
7:30PM- Wednesday Night Church!

We won’t have service on Wednesday August 16th so please be careful!

Let’s spend awesome Wednesday together!!

We have Wednesday Night Church every Wednesday!
We can listen to messages on various topics!!

What is more awesome about our Wednesday is that we have Language Exchange before WNC, where we can learn and speak foreign languages for free!

For those of you who want to speak English, this is definitely for YOU but for those of you who are from overseas this is for YOU as well, there you can make lots of Japanese friends! ;)
See you there!

6:30PM- Language Exchange!
7:30PM- Wednesday Night Church!

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